Chen Kun micro signal from the hands of talking about on behalf of developers

Chen Kun WeChat public number this time the fire, Penguin Jun also want to make a point of view, but can not help but understand the entertainment, posture is not enough only to see the copies.

But it seems that

go, found a problem: Chen Kun also concern micro signal to quanqian, didn’t want to intervene under the WeChat public number in the end who do


if your answer is: Yes, of course, WeChat or Chen Kun do ah.

that I would like to congratulate you, and read this article well, up posture when the.

1 Nanpai Sanshu and Chen Kun behind the micro signal: WeChat

generation development company

Penguin King wrote an article, roughly means "network literature play" change Nanpai Sanshu micro signal, the text mentioned, technical development work Nanpai Sanshu micro signal is called a "bit sea" of the company, and this bit sea Chen Kun is also the public number of developers, WeChat operator and promoter.

interesting places are different from the sea, bit in Nanpai Sanshu micro signal only earned a technical service of money, in the Chen Kunwei signal case, the sea is also the right to operate the bit in the hand. This is why Chen Kun micro-blog big mouth did not go to promote the cause of this micro signal, because he may not know that he has such a micro signal.

In fact, whether

Nanpai Sanshu or Chen Kun, this is the first case of a few bits of shipping battalion platform, sea to earn is not really a bit technical service fee, not to make Chen Kun get into operation, it really want to sell is the development of the background system.

bit sea has been promoted to a writer operating platform, which is based on the form of WeChat public platform content management system. Hope that this system will be sold to the customer, the training of customers operating on their system content, as long as the customer is enough, the sea just need to hide behind the scenes to do the development, you can put a lot of money.

as for the operational link, my point is that it is a hard job, unless it is high enough to be able to do it. Chen Kun micro signal case, can be seen as a bit of the sea for the operation of the water test.

2 noble glamorous WeChat official why value

bits of the sea?

several WeChat technology developers should I analyze the system requirements, the bit of the sea, they were at sea: bit in technology and not what particular color of the place, but the technology has many sea interface bits, the WeChat payment and membership card to the official WeChat open many interface.

an annual income of nearly ten million WeChat technology development company official said, WeChat payment interface is very difficult to apply, after the WeChat 5 out, the company will apply to the official WeChat several times, but no fruit.

another generation of WeChat development (operator) argument is that WeChat’s official attitude to developers is quite drag, if all the requirements of the developer on behalf of the application >

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