360 launched an independent search brand good search Zhou Hongyi is away from the original business

According to Sina

technology reported that Qi Xiangdong today to partners and 360 employees in the mail, announced tomorrow will be officially launched 360 search independent brand search (haosou.com), the original domain name (so.com) can continue to use.

Qi Xiangdong said 360 search launched two years has gained a market share of 30%, the global search market, in addition to China, there is no place in the search engine can be more than 30% of more than second……. We are confident that in the next two years, PC search share increased to 40%, mobile search share reached $30%." Qi Dong in August has said that by the end of 2014 the market share of the 360 search will exceed 35%.


Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi has been in the micro-blog was very active, at the end of the year was also in the micro-blog challenge to Baidu, but so far the old week also had no comment. His a micro-blog or a F1 upgrade version of the great god. This is after the introduction of strategic investment 360 cool God’s first mobile phone, red rice and 2 configuration is similar, but the price is set at 599 yuan.


Zhou Hongyi issued a "Christmas with AK47, follow me to the south do mobile phone" internal mail, said without fear of intelligent machines in the Red Sea competition, and millet head-on. New year’s day, Zhou Hongyi and micro-blog, said the new year to bring a group of small partners to the south…… Want to know what kind of mobile phone users expect 360…… 2015 mobile phone design, please come to participate".

in the 360 new year’s first working day speech, Zhou Hongyi said:

hope 360 Reboot, employees Run up, 2014, the first year of intelligent hardware in the first half of the year, I hope you will start with a heart to a new brand of 2015".

it seems that the old week is really starting to stay away from 360 of the original business operations, began to devote themselves to the hardware business.

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