New network emergency stop URL forwarding services continue to extend across the board

in 2009, for the grass-roots webmaster, is no longer a cold winter, although this time my site was not affected by what, the room also seems to have been not what action, but the heart still be taken into account. Who knows which day will suddenly block.

as head of the US, has been in the network searching for his own life, but in 2009 but a time for the remediation network personal webmaster facing the hitherto unknown situation, a few days ago also saw an article questioning the Information Office of the State Council for the restoration of the proposed implicit concerns and opposition to "one size fits all" approach.

in my opinion, the Ministry or the SARFT or CCTV or let people feel is once again played the role of a clown, looking for the opportunity, I will list some cite this several departments and agencies let owners feel helpless. Today is mainly about the new network suddenly stop URL forwarding service situation.

notice of this time is the new network issued in December 27, 2009. But before I did not notice, before my domain name, forwarded to the new network domain, people should know the forwarding function has been not ideal, speed is very slow, this chance, I enter the in the address bar, there is a left page of the domain name, and no jump, which makes me feel strange, the domain name management platform I immediately landed in the new network, only to find that the original new network has URL forwarding service stopped.

below for the change of the new domain name management platform:


below for the new network in December 27, 2009 issued an urgent notice:

below for the reference:

respected new network client:

in order to implement the Ministry of industry and information technology on mobile phone related mental attack pornography special action meeting in accordance with the law, strengthen the management of domain name registration to carry out special rectification action, solid and effective to reverse the proliferation of pornographic information situation, to create a legitimate and healthy Internet environment, the new network decided from December 28, 2009 at noon to stop the 12:00 domain name URL forwarding service.


at the same time, new network partners and customers to cooperate with the work of filing and verification of illegal information website, and further supplement and perfect all kinds of legal procedures in accordance with the website, the Ministry of industry and information filing requirements of the domain name, the opening of the forward service process time notice.

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December 27, 2009

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