Micro blog micro blog is the ultimate representative of barbaric growth


they are extreme on behalf of micro-blog barbaric growth period, so earlier than others suffered the loss of freshness and overcommercialized test (TechWeb pictures)

station near the East Third Ring Road Beijing Guanghua Road, we can see the rise of CCTV print "big underpants", behind him the TEDA times center is micro-blog’s most active who frequented the place.

Fang Liyin on the name card office is "senior manager", but in fact he is that hundreds of millions of fans of micro-blog large behind a trader. No. 4 in his Huayi media group is located in TEDA times center. This was the "beauty" is the main business of the company is now China’s most influential micro-blog marketing company. Sina micro-blog on the micro-blog comedy ranking and other grassroots large belong to the company. The founder of Du Zijian TechWeb (Note: SiC for Du Zijian. ) also posing as the "father of micro-blog marketing".

location and China’s most powerful media, and hope that the street is a reflection of the impact of these two years micro-blog. But at noon on July 4th, in the heat of the streets of Beijing, Party of friends to print suddenly said: micro-blog died sooner or later."

by the end of 2010, the development of social media in the ascendant, those attached to Sina micro-blog grassroots large golden opportunity to usher in the development of. Joke "," micro-blog funny list "and other grassroots large each micro-blog forwarded from the previous 1000 soared to about 6000, the number of comments from 500 up to about 1000. At the same time, grassroots large advertising quotes are soaring, rose from a few hundred dollars to more than one thousand yuan in almost a month’s time.

is seen as a bright prospect of grassroots large print, party decide to join micro-blog Du Derek marketing ranks, determined to build a career. He still remember the situation at the beginning of March 2011. At that time, he was in the hands of the advertising price changes every week, every time the customer asked the price, he would say: this offer, only in a week, after this week, the price is sure to rise 30%." At that time, there will always be someone to find the relationship between the parties to act as agents of these grassroots large, and ultimately get the agent who are few.

in May this year, the grassroots large "joke", "micro-blog funny list", "global classic Sina was banned, the reason is that plagiarism. Fang Wei Wei hunch that this is likely to be Sina to strengthen the grassroots large control signal. The company’s internal staff even guess: Grassroots large is not to have come to an end?.

Fang Liyin and colleagues have no reason to suspect. As of July 5, 2012, in Sina micro-blog grassroots large ranked first cold joke selection, the number of fans reached 1029>

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