CCTV released 3 & 15 consumer complaints list online shopping topped the list

distance 3· 15 and less than a week, CCTV released 3· 15 consumer complaints list shows that online shopping topped the list.

Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center released the day before the "2011 year China e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that last year the "China e-commerce complaints and rights of public service platform of e-commerce complaints received about 100 thousand cases, of which online shopping complaints accounted for 52% of total complaints.

recently, China Electronic Commerce Research Center released the "2011 Annual China e-commerce market data monitoring report", the report shows that in 2011 the Chinese online shopping users has reached 203 million people, an increase of 28.5%.

CCTV reporter learned that 15 days before the party 3· according to the received various clues summary statistics, sorting out the volume of complaints top ten sectors in consumer or industry, including online shopping, courier and cars in the top three.

in the field of online shopping, consumer complaints are mainly concentrated in the quality of the goods does not match the description and shoddy, selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, buy fake businesses cannot disappear after rights, group purchase or service, free to change the rules of the online shopping customer service service can not be guaranteed.

Mr. Yin on March 7th in Youlemei flowers online to buy a $200 bouquet of flowers, require businesses to March 8th at about 10 to 3 in the afternoon, but businesses are sent to. And sent to the flowers and website publicity pictures do not match.

subsequently, Mr. Yin asked merchants refund was refused businesses, merchants said they can send again, but not a refund.

it is reported that from the beginning of last year, online shopping industry was the explosive growth this year with the number of online shopping is growing, users increasing, online shopping has become a consumer rights complaint hardest hit, Jingdong, Dangdang, Eslite, Wo Wo Group and other famous sites in consumer complaints included.

reporter tried to search the "Jingdong + complaint" on Baidu, you can find the relevant search results about 2 million 100 thousand, "Dangdang + relevant search results about 1 million 650 thousand complaints", "Wo Wo Group search + complaints" results reached about 8000000.


electricity supplier development of the lack of legal norms


, Chinese electronic commerce research center and online shopping rights expert Wang Zhouping believes that in the process of online shopping, consumers often encounter physical and photos inconsistent, it is recommended that consumers buy before calling customer service related to do understand commodity details, especially the high price of the product is even more careful.

Chinese E-Commerce Research Center online shopping rights experts Yao Jianfang believes that the "Electronic Commerce volume of complaints, is the source of the development of the electricity supplier industry lacks the corresponding legal supervision standards, business enterprise of the user’s shopping experience is still far from enough attention."


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