MT 2020 big data industry revenue will break trillion

17 reporter learned from the Ministry, the Ministry has issued the "big data industry development plan (2016-2020)", by 2020 the basic formation of advanced technology and application of large data industry prosperity, security system strong. Big data related products and services business revenue exceeded 1 trillion yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of about 30%.

the Ministry proposed, will promote the products of big data technology innovation and development, improve the application ability of large data industry, the prosperity of big data industry, improve the supporting system of large data industry, consolidate the perfect big data security system.

The formation of

security control technology products in the technology, acquisition, in large data storage management and processing platform technology reached the international advanced level in a leading position in data mining, analysis and application of algorithms and tools, and to promote the extensive application of big data in innovation and entrepreneurship, government administration and public services etc..

MIIT proposed to cultivate 10 leading international data core leading enterprises and the application of large data applications and services companies, the formation of a relatively perfect big data industry chain. In terms of data security, to build a national data security protection system. (Xinhua News Agency)

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