Zheng Jie it’s a good thing for students to create their own websites

In March 6, people.com.cn

Beijing this afternoon, 10 grass-roots deputies to the National People’s Congress held a press conference in Meideyaduo functional hall. People’s Congress Zheng Jie in answer to a reporter’s question, people.com.cn said, the reporter just friends, you may be talking about the students in our school have such a website, the way I see it, first of all, it should be a product of the development of the times, with the development of science and technology level, we now have this site should be a good thing.

Zheng Jie stressed that it is a good thing, we should do it well. I am quite concerned about the students in this website, many students express their feelings inside, also promote healthy. For example, I noticed some of the students in the future may be criticized by the teacher, relatively depressed mood, published in the online some of their own ideas, many students will go to enlighten him, convince him. The bad side of the network, we may all know that some children may be addicted to them, a lot of wasted time and energy.

Zheng Jie pointed out that this requires the whole society to do the work. I had published an article "blue sky" children in Fujian CPPCC Forum on science and technology in the network era of development, we should give students, to provide you with this kind of means, so that we get more information to our original idea. This is one of our active means to help us understand the world faster and increase knowledge.

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