Weekly news review Hi cat cat closed six companies boycott traffic hijacking

1 hi cat declared bankruptcy: chicken soup can not stop the entrepreneurial failure

December 19th news today, the car after the market B2B trading platform hi cat cat announced the cessation of operations. Web site (www.xiqimall.com) will stop trading on December 20, 2015, the server will close on January 15, 2016.

is reported that hi steam cat was founded in March 2015, founder of Xu Chao. According to its official disclosure of information, hi cat has 12377 registered users of real name authentication, 179 upstream suppliers, the use of ETP service stores more than 7 thousand. Xu Chao told I dark horse, hi cat initially do car products trading platform of the third party, direct docking brand manufacturers and stores, and then began to self, to repair shop car repair shop. The peak period of more than 100 employees, now only about five or six people, ready to start a new round of entrepreneurial projects.

Xu Chao, founder of the analysis, the cause of hi cat failure is: one is not enough to play directly. SaaS cut around the car after B2B too far. "In the process of operation we find it difficult for SaaS users into B2B users, we seem to be involved in the core business process of the user, actually stores using your management software, and there is no direct relationship between the purchase from your platform.".

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2 vertical electricity supplier who is left? What are they doing  

if money can solve everything, then what do entrepreneurs do?

2015 is a crazy year, since it began in 2015 madness; is the desolation of the year, because it is at the end of the winter in the capital. Review in 2015, it was released by WeChat red envelopes, drops taxi subsidies, hungry, Baidu takeaway and other subsidies to take away the peak, and then in the public comment and the United States and the United States and many other cases of cold wind in the merger ended. In 2015 the capital mad chase is undoubtedly the most fierce O2O industry, once the field of pursuing the idea is to burn.

this can not help reminiscent of the vertical electricity supplier industry, once the field is also under the impetus of the capital of the Jingdong and Dangdang listed fishing gold driven by the madness and downturn. Around 2010, the electricity supplier in the field of general view: the end of the comprehensive electricity supplier enclosure, vertical and sub sectors exist opportunities. However, the cold to the capital faster than in the past, 2>

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