Comment business success password and SouFun Vincent Mo

IDG, Goldman Sachs, French Trader, telstra…… These capital giants with large sums of money, express their attitudes towards Mo Tianquan and soufun. Explore the rise of the trajectory of the room, each injection of funds, so that Mo Tianquan directed the room to jump forward. This may be the success of the housing and the password.

left the Dow Jone am Co as Chinese real estate index system of the secretary general, Mo Tianquan from the Internet and real estate bonds. The housing index is also play an important role in the day he created after Soufangwang in.

room password

Chinese as the first generation of Internet entrepreneurs, whether it is worth or motianquan fame is far behind with his contemporaries, Ding Lei, Zhang Zhaoyang, et al. When these newly rich when celebrating, achieve success and win recognition, but Mo Tianquan led his room silently forward.

business for 8 years, low-key before Mo Tianquan and SouFun, apparently has nothing to do with the riches, this is not a rapid rise of wealth upstart entrepreneurial miracle. However, when we examine the performance of the housing, but found it far did not seem trivial and ordinary: after four years of entrepreneurship, SouFun has four consecutive years to maintain 100% growth rate from the housing! Let us understand the tenacity, is a story about persistence.

for housing, this is an absolute high speed, but not full speed. Many of the houses are very rhythmic pace of development: "if this year’s performance is too high, next year’s task will increase the difficulty of


high-speed growth of Internet companies, we have become commonplace. However, after four years of entrepreneurship is still able to maintain such a high speed for four consecutive years, but not much. This is why we attract attention to the housing.

in March 27th, the headquarters of Beijing from the compact layout of the office, holding a large cup motianquan appeared in front of us. Unlike other returnees who are happy to enjoy coffee, there is clearly a more profound imprint on china.

when we slowly restore the growth process of housing, a series of famous names attracted us: IDG, Goldman, Trader France, Australia telecommunications…… These capital giants with large sums of money, show their attitude to Mo Tianquan and found room. Explore the rise of the trajectory of the room, each time the injection of funds, can let Mo Tianquan lead the housing jump forward. This may be the success of the housing and the password.

and his motianquanThe height of

leaders’ thinking determines the growth space of an enterprise. The interpretation of housing, we must first understand motianquan.

Mok always wears a pair of black glasses, always has a smile on his face, it is difficult to make people aware of the factors of restless heart. In fact, motianquan body has two kinds: one is the blood of academic research and profound calm, a commercial operation is flexible and smart. Maybe it is

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