The disappearance of the screen under the next 15 years smartphone form

  back in 2001, Ericsson released its first mobile phone GSM T68, although the resolution is only 101X80px, 256 bit only just let the eye color identification, but T68 appeared at the time but it attracted the attention of the alien like. When the mobile phone screen technology is far from mature, but the color of the mobile phone to entertaining foreshadowed, before subsequently derived from the MMS and the camera has not been popular in intelligent machines, let the machine function become more or less plaything, instead of a communication tool.

disappeared in the next 15 years under the screen smartphone shape

when we first get a mobile phone, it is hard to think of color to go on the road of Pan entertainment mobile phone. The emergence of multi touch technology so that we don’t think today instead of the touch screen keyboard to occupy the facade of the mobile phone, but also changed the way of human-computer interaction. The first generation iPhone has profound influence on the intelligent mobile phone, using the touch screen and the pursuit of resolution have gradually opened a pile of hardware war. At the same time, unknown to the public for Corelle glass from iPhone 4 to fame, the final series of glass screen with gorilla Corelle as the representative of the open market, the high-end mobile phone market.

Ericsson’s first mobile phone T68

we say that Jobs defines the intelligent mobile phone, a great part in the sure touch screen, it is worth mentioning that the original iPhone is developed in a piece of glass. Jobs’s wish is to get a can be used as a display device and supports multi touch glass equipment, after 6 months, the engineer took back the magic screen, Jobs will screen to UI designers, designers based on the glass, creating a new user experience such as inertia smooth scrolling, the glass design iPhone based on the later changed the world.

Jobs released the first generation iPhone

as the screen color spawned a mobile phone camera, using the touch screen mobile phone revolution interactive way, is this revolutionary change, not only visual and color, input and information change mode of operation, the magic glass will be the way we live in a mobile phone. In 2010 Chinese pianist Lang Lang at a show in San Francisco, unexpectedly pulled out just released iPad, touch screen and playing one of the fastest Piano – Rimsky Co Sakho J’s "flight of the Bumblebee", fast rhythm makes it hard to imagine this is playing in a piece of glass, it declared the iPad is not a magnifying glass screen display device, wonderful interaction is the bright spot, and it completely changed the way we live.

iPad played a concert with Lang Lang "flight of the Bumblebee" surprise four

more than and 10 years later, we’ll look at the glass, which is slowly turning from 3.5 inches to 4 inches and finally to the size of 4.7 and 5.5

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