Block the public number Ali department 360 and the gateway to join forces to fight back when WeChat

[WeChat recently, a large-scale ban public number caused by media people fear, the original March began to ban, action is just the beginning. This article from the era of the news portal, combing these reporters rushed to the media camp is how to step by step to the ring of a ring in the circle of Tencent. Although Ali and 360 series have a strong public relations team, but their nouveau riche in the era of social media has gradually lost the right to speak, when the former reporter’s absolute control fall into the hands of the Department of Tencent, is not as to hand over this big fat or group for


1 in the era of big portals, news portals have an absolute influence on the press.

reporter article was pushed to the home page, it is the most glorious thing. In 2006, a newspaper article by Sohu news center two district, became the newspaper group year-end highlights publicity, newspaper CEOs in the report said that this year the newspaper development momentum is good, so the manuscript was printed in the Sohu headlines, a very big influence to work table.

if the Sina headlines, it is not a thing, the president can see".

2 in the era of micro-blog, Sina has further voice to reporters.

Through its

plus V certification and promotion to increase fans, increase their influence, potentially put the virtual assets slowly developed, on Sina’s servers, all know that this is the site of sina, Sina know everything at face – you are familiar with the rules of the society.

if you occasionally see a few reporters to attack Sina in micro-blog site, and my heart will be filled with a touch of joy: dumbfounded, Sina! Let you delete the old! But will not go up and support the company, only squinted at he said: ah ha! Idiot!


3 in the above two times, good at public relations team play, invincible.

Internet industry spread word: South North Qihoo Ali. In the Internet industry Chinese, the two companies are notoriously tough public relations. Ma and Zhou Hongyi personally called up a strong public relations team composed of many, many senior reporters, 360 of the public relations team in the fight against Baidu, against the Tencent, the limelight in the mountains. With the powerful influence of Ma Ali PR and excellent quality of their own, they are in the past public relations battle, arrogant.

however, Ali and 360 series suddenly found that their strong public relations potential energy, suddenly disappeared: reporters are not obedient.

4, the age of social media, the third.

era of social media monopoly is WeChat, Tencent, WeChat.

in the WeChat platform, the reporter even if their own newspaper to deal with a simple manuscript, but also a lot of energy, most of the essence, on the build from the media brand. They will be interviewed in the big brother occasion, took big brother >

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