SEDUCTON rape also said the fire of coral

I have been using coral QQ, and now still using 5.0C’s integrated version. Stop updating from the Muzi version, use the IP version of the show is the coral version of QQ, heard Piaoyun do good, also the official version 2007. Because habits, have been too lazy to change, still continue my Beta4.

A few days ago

CnBeta seen in Shenzhen public television channel broadcast case tracking program, Soff was arrested, broadcast, said Soff, a Tencent said, the author here today to talk about Soff, do not talk about the program of the Tencent, but just three "people". Three many netizens called "talk a coral" program is "up", or alternatively "gunmen", but here I want to say three of them are "rape" seduction.

I usually reluctant to issue public views on some things on the Internet, see today but Piaoyun also left, think or say that the three by our people, let us for they are filled with compassion, also don’t make a meaningless life attack.

is a common

, the seducer

since done, of course, is cool, this is the most basic and most direct feeling. The three is the most important speech of seduction is the coral version of QQ is not good, will expose their IP address information, will install rogue software, and cannot delete etc.. That’s what they’re all about.

two, seduction of the personality

is the same, different people have different practices, in addition to "cool", or how many different feelings, this is the three seduction of the personality.

1 male one

, a man said: "I use the coral version after it, found that as long as I installed it on my computer, there will be a lot of rogue software, can not be deleted, which I really have a headache; and another point, such as Tencent, it is a reminder of the vulnerability. But there is no coral version of this reminder, I feel very good."

really want to pull the male one to ask, he knows what is rogue software? What is the vulnerability? Don’t know the man and a number of security vulnerabilities that are not to remind QQ doctor? In order to verify a word, the author has coral QQ integrated version of the final version re install a 5.0C. Double click the installer, the first interface has a special statement to remind the user, please choose according to the need to install". As I told you before, to Daitao, otherwise you may be pregnant, in order to save or cool, too lazy to wear or not to wear, the pregnant again, blame others? Apparently installed coral QQ is not so serious consequences of pregnancy.


Figure 1 clearly marked "containing the first party tool"


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