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China is one of the largest population in the world, and also is a developing country, the development potential of the Internet market is huge, especially search engines, social games, online shopping and other industries hidden greater opportunities, not only to attract domestic enterprises attention, also seize the overseas enterprise vision, domestic and foreign enterprises have chosen domain name site competition here, a simple understanding of several well-known foreign companies to enter the market China chose those domain names, and these names are now what kind of


Google search Chinese Pinyin domain name silence


Chinese is one of the world’s population, the number of Internet users is very impressive, in the online search market in the field of business very much, attracting a large number of overseas search large enterprises to enter the Chinese market, such as Google, YAHOO, Microsoft Bing, Google to enter the country in the early years as a foreign search area is big, also in the domain name strategy choose "do", to search China peers to bring strong competition, has won the most Chinese characteristics of the CN domain name google.cn/.com.cn, also bought $short domain G.cn and Google Larry domain guge.com/.cn/.Com.cn/.net, however, since the Google.cn shut down, the strong search business out of Chinese market, the hands of Google Larry domain guge.com/.cn/.com.cn and G.cn short domain, gradually fade out of sight of people, gradually "silent", now G.cn and guge.com etc. Google domain name reputation is not as good as the past.

social network Myspace.com.CN and Larry domain



Myspace Chinese station opened in April 2007 CN launched a test version of the domain name MySpace.cn, and in March 2008 MySpace Chinese just outside the confirmation, the Chinese name officially designated as "Baidu", and also acquired a low-key registered in 2001 "Baidu Larry domain juyou.com, visible, Pinyin domain name in the domestic status, Myspace Chinese station Myspace.com development to help the phonetic domain! However, in October 19, 2011 Myspace Chinese station Myspace.com access fault, CN domain name myspace.cn and Larry domain juyou.com are unable to access the domain name, cause industry attention, self management, or a web site on the line for another choice to make only superficial changes? Phonetic domain but not a smooth development of foreign invested enterprises.

gaopeng.com how to Gaopeng group purchase market



group purchase website in China has also attracted a group purchase originator Groupon View >

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