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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) August 12th news, since the establishment of Wanda electricity supplier has been a concern, and with frequent executives leave, it is also worrying about the future of Wanda electricity supplier.


It is reported that Wanda electricity supplier in

after brewing for a long time, at the end of 2013 on-line website named "Wan ibusiness" (www.wanhui.cn), as Wanda Plaza, O2O intelligent e-commerce platform, business covers general merchandise, delicacy, theater, KTV and other fields.

Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin made a new report in 2014 half Wanda Group working meeting, said the report, several joint Wanda electricity supplier China largest establishment Wanda electricity supplier, an initial investment of 5 billion yuan. Wanda electricity supplier’s core work is about 3 years to find a profit model or direction. Wanda will all online resources to all electricity providers. This is not a requirement, but the discipline, the future does not allow the system to engage in electricity providers, resources should be concentrated, all online resources assigned to the electricity supplier company.

but the dream is beautiful, the reality is cruel. Of course, the money is never a problem for wanda. Since the establishment of Wanda electricity supplier, we can find that the personnel unrest, executives leave this seems to have been a very common thing. Former Wanda COO Liu Sijun, to the former Wanda COO Ma Haiping, as well as the original Wanda electricity supplier CEO. A popular plot is, Gong Yitao is leaving because can not accept Wanda management and. He said in an interview with the media, said: Wanda, usually the first to use the PPT model to report to the leadership of the report, all things need leadership approval to do. We do not have this habit of Internet business origin, our thinking is divergent – think of where to say.

is an industry that frequent changes in senior Wanda electricity supplier behind, due to Wanda as a traditional business is not suitable in the field of Internet, Wang Jianlin as a traditional business owner, think that throwing money in the Internet field, such as building a house you can get the same in return. If the traditional way of thinking and management of enterprises, then in two years, Wanda electricity supplier is still no improvement. As a traditional business, Wanda and Internet field have The climate does not suit one. Internet business requires a lot of preliminary expenses, but in the short term is not a direct income, which may become a constraint in the development of Wanda electricity supplier. The management mode is not a day not inconstant in policy.

although Wanda electricity supplier there is no improvement, but Wang Jianlin has also released relentless, by 2020, Wanda to form real estate, cultural tourism, finance, retail, business five business segments. Full development of the electricity supplier companies, do the real O 2O, and find a profit model. If the electricity supplier to do a good job, Wanda on the formation of the five pillar industries."

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