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today’s social material civilization greatly improved, people’s living standard is extremely advantageous, various goods and services in a subdivision of a superb collection of beautiful things. There has been a special promotional test shows that Chinese shoppers are more sensitive to price than any other country, the price sensitive consumer groups in China is very large proportion. Different consumers despite a variety of consumer psychology, but spend the same psychological discount.

then how to accurately transfer the "promotion, discount information, consumers how to make decisions on their own shopping place? Where to shop to buy? How to let shoppers have passion and enthusiasm? What brand can help consumers feel? How to make temporary budget shoppers in the places of sale


day before, to create the largest consumer China navigation information platform "as the strategic goal of Chinese off the network ( was a grand launch in Qingdao, China% ( a comprehensive solution to the puzzle, a series of strategies and integrated solutions…… China% ( starting from the "discount information" is a simple demand, is committed to creating the most authoritative information platform for money consumption Chinese, from "the smallest and most laborsaving place to start" small head is great wisdom, with a fine needle, open market.

as the Internet increasingly mature, "the entertainment features" obvious website, will slowly change to "tools", from "entertainment to life", from national to local and China% ( by the "city" concept, the country is divided into nearly 200 local station form. With Qingdao as the center, relying on a number of cities across the country, and gradually formed a coverage of the entire Chinese cities and two tier cities of the network structure, weaving a huge discount network. China’s ultimate goal is to save money for users, allowing users to buy cheap products, get better service. At the same time to help businesses with the least money to do the largest publicity and promotion.

Chinese% ( is a discount information, business promotion professional platform, aggregation of the newest malls discount information, brand discount, new product introduction and other information, so that consumers in the first time it is convenient to obtain the information, become a good helper when they go shopping. Rational shopping. China discount ( CEO Mr. Wang Gang said that the maturity of the Chinese fold (, will be a rich discount consumer information as the main line, with a large number of join businesses and shops, the consumer information platform. Chinese% ( to build a bridge between businesses and consumers, from the business point of view, is to provide a way for them to publish promotional information, from the consumer’s point of view, is to provide a way to save money for their.

China fold ( product forms include:

one, China folding card and electronic

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