The study of Snake Dance the nature and the maximum value of Blog

The essence of

blog lies in "the right to speak" (Zac language). Whether the blog as a kind of network marketing tool to promote products and services, or the blog as a kind of network crisis management tools to eliminate network access to the company’s brand is not good, blog play the most basic flow function will not change, namely: through the blog published relevant information — influence around the the blogosphere to human consciousness — the circle of people who help you online and offline word-of-mouth influence to further expand the scope of – completion of blog marketing target.

has seen a foreign article for the purpose of marketing and the establishment of a blog, inspired by a lot, this blog marketing case is a tailor’s blog. This is a specialized use of blog marketing company, which is determined by the British tailoring company, well-known marketing experts help build blogger, it helped London tailor. Thomas Mahon set off a craze. As a matter of fact, he has become the most exposed media journalist in Saville street for his personal blog, and he has received dozens of magazines and newspapers. The blog is simple: it talks about the $5000 or more of the haute couture suit that most people can’t afford to buy. Ma Hong and Macleod did not deliberately hide anything, custom suits really expensive. But what really interests the reader is that readers can see from the blog that Ma Hong and Macleod are enthusiastic about the tailor, and that their greatest pleasure is to see the smile of customer satisfaction.

British tailoring blog is full of information and Inspiration of production and marketing of the suit, he skillfully provide professional knowledge of the industry, to talk openly about trade secrets, to provide a place to discuss the custom suit, and share the experience of the blog features.

from tailoring blog marketing case, with these revelations:

first, Ma Hong and Macleod in the blog to talk about the professional knowledge of tailored suits, the establishment of professional authority.

second, Ma Hong even exposure customized suit business secrets, which has aroused public concern about the blog.

third, Ma Hong through the blog to attract media attention, further expand the scope of the impact.

fourth, Ma Hong success.

there are a lot of cases to illustrate this point: the essence of the blog is to compete for the right to speak". The maximum value of blog advertising is not advertising, on the contrary, a minimum value, because the scope of advertising can influence only blog circle of people, is the largest value of blog communication value. It is through the blog to establish credibility, competition in the field of discourse, through the use of this right to influence the blogosphere people, to maximize value by the people of the spread of word-of-mouth.

to dance snake SEO as an example, the most important goal is to present the snake dance in a large network company, my specialty is the electronic commerce, specializes in network marketing, and network marketing concept and is too big, so I chose SEO as a breakthrough into the network marketing. Blog >

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