Bu Zheng review three business experience to share security business book

once upon a time, iPhone detonated a great change in consumer electronics. Now, many enterprises are trapped in innovation bottlenecks, some years of expertise in the field of expert have expressed their in technology innovation and development trend of opinion. In August 17th, the fourth session of the Chinese Internet Security Conference (ISC 2016) Chinese Internet Security Elite summit, the United States Silicon Valley senior security technology expert Bu Zheng said: in the field of enterprise architecture, cloud computing will detonate a great change of entrepreneurial point.


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Bu Zheng to three entrepreneurial story unfolds his view

Bu Zheng in his speech to share three small entrepreneurial story.

is the first wave of the Internet in 2000 at the end of the tail, bu Zheng team want to do an Internet company, but suffer from a lack of funds. Under difficult circumstances, they made a decision affecting the future of the entire company: the company business focus on network security, the security services and defense technology to maintain the operation of the company, taking both a product and service way. They chose the first product line is intrusion prevention. It turns out that the product is a $1 billion market.

thus, bu Zheng proposed entrepreneurship should concentrate superior forces to do the large potential market.

‘s second story is a crisis in 2003. At that time, a farmer in the United States bought their products. After a lapse of years they know, in fact, their competitors to buy their products backdoor, take the analysis. Because the core content of the product leaks, directly led to their company was acquired by a major company. After the acquisition, the big companies are required to be integrated with their products, using a unified user management platform, while providing them with a large number of sales and marketing support. This alone brings about three hundred million of the revenue to the big company. More importantly, the company’s network security product lines are built around their products.

thus, bu Zheng proposed innovation: in the face of difficulties, large companies have a strategy is to buy some good technology, good talent, fully trust them, they formed around the new product line.

third story is about talent. At first, when they were doing the FireEye project, they adopted advanced virtual machine technology. But one drawback of virtual technology is slow. Therefore, this project is not Born Under A Bad Sign, the customer is willing to pay for. But the team finally persevered, always adhere to the rise of client threats, the FireEye project listed in 2013, worth more than $10 billion.

Bu Zheng concluded: good projects need reliable people, potential products, but also have a support for you to trust your investment "blood transfusion".


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