Enterprise brand network marketing under the new network concept

mobile phone into the 3G era, the network is also 2 times the heat forward, as a new era of enterprise, under the new network concept, do business brand network marketing becomes more important.

now many enterprise brand, ignore the network marketing, some of them is the network promotion as a small part of the marketing process, and spent a lot of money and energy to do such as TV advertising, on-site activities such as marketing, often spend a lot of money for tiny brand effect. We say to you today is how to use network marketing to create their own brand effect.

network marketing is a big concept, in this paper, we discuss only a small way, to show the role of. Here and we say that the network promotion a little bit different, network promotion is only a means of marketing, of course, network marketing is an important theme of the network promotion.

enterprise website is very simple site, most of the content less, slow to update, this is a common problem, these inherent problems, brings great difficulties to the promotion, it is not as easy as personal website publicity, and enterprise website is mostly with product sales, so with this promotion is more difficult. On the other hand, every user of enterprise website is also very valuable, because the user to your site must be a demand of users.

we will seize this point, in this article, you will be able to represent your brand or reputation of the company’s products or services at this time for your users to see, then your marketing is in place. Found the new trend of the network, your site only picture and text is not attractive, if on your website with video that is very attractive to the eye, but also to meet the new network concept is now under the trend of video playback is your enterprise products, business services, this also used households have deeper understanding of your company’s products and services.


enterprise website video, in the popular name now, called "the enterprise TV station", it is like a your TV, to the user has been playing your products, this is a brand window, with this you also broke the conventional ideas of enterprise website, and it is common the enterprise website upgrade to the next level. At present, there are also specialized to provide the service of the enterprise TV station site, such as the tree is a Wangshi, they provide a video storage server space and bandwidth, and video compression technology, make your video flowing in your business website open.

above is just a small point of view of the promotion of enterprise website, is to promote the initiative to explore ideas, so that users remember your site, remember your brand.

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