Ali spent fifty million of the party held a harvest of more than 90 billion of the amount of money t

review: Double eleven has gone through 7 years, big shopping carnival every year this year, Ali play out new tricks. Together with mango platform launched a double eleven party Gala Gala, but also invited Feng Xiaogang director. Plum flowers had an interview with ALI insiders, together to analyze this unique marketing feast.

Author: Becky, Zou Chen, plum blossom net small A, Lu

in the waiting wistfully of the people of the world, 2015 double 11 national shopping festival officially arrived! Is Ali seventh years of double 11, in addition to the base of publicity, this year is the joint mango Taiwan launched a "Spring Festival evening party rival marketing". The party was friends dubbed the "4 hours of broadcast advertising, but up to 28.38% of the ratings at the same time the ratings of the first program in the throne, such achievements, or will be included in the annals of Chinese tv.

Ali double 11 to open the party?

of course it’s true!

more than a month ago, when the Tmall 2015 double preheating officially, Ma Yun suddenly announced that Tmall will be held in conjunction with the Hunan satellite TV, the double 11 party, micro-blog". Director Feng Xiaogang, 30, star of mango, presided over the top with thousands of Tmall brand, plus a variety of prizes…… This lineup is absolutely comparable to the "Spring Festival evening show".


double 11 party cost $50 million

rich capricious!

of Alibaba expected sales of 90 billion yuan, out of tens of millions to do a party, not a big expense. People from the media of the Xia Li Ba double 11 party cost speculated: "according to the current market, carry out live a business nature, the cost of about about 20000000 yuan, the Alibaba ‘double’ scale and the 11 Spring Festival gala evening star, the cost is estimated at around 50 million. According to 100 million of the coverage of the crowd, a person in the cost of $0.5, taking into account the entire process, there is a ‘shake’ the amount of transactions, lower per capita cost estimates."

for the rumors of Alibaba group to spend 50 million to hold two pairs of 11 Spring Festival Gala, plum network reporter contacted the Alibaba group to verify the internal staff. He said that the exact amount has not been announced, but the benefits of the party must be far greater than the expenditure.

50 million held a double 11 party?

is not expensive at all!

11 Tmall sales this year:

1 minutes and 12 seconds – 1 billion;

1 minutes and 45 seconds – cross-border trade turnover of more than 2014 "double 11" all day;

12 minutes and 28 seconds – 10 billion;

1 hours, 13 minutes and 59 seconds – 30 billion.

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