258 business search a killer search tool for business people

currently has entered a flood of information society, how to find information from the information they need in a vast expanse of water is too difficult. As a result, the search, screening a variety of information into the daily work of modern people. In addition to search engines from Baidu, Google and other search keywords, what is more convenient and more accurate search tool


screening of traditional search engine tired

Mr. Wang is a mobile phone accessories business businessman, every day to find new sources online, he often uses Baidu and Google to search for mobile phone accessories. Slowly, Mr. Wang disappointed, whether it is Baidu or Google, it is difficult to find satisfactory results.

"in Baidu in mobile phone accessories, you can get a long list of search results, but are irrelevant information, you have to open a web page, look carefully, you can find out who is the supplier." Mr. Wang complained to reporters and so on. Just over thirty years of age Mr. Wang and friends of the main business, mobile phone sets and other accessories. Mr. Wang’s friend is in charge of sales. In order to find newer and cheaper products, he needs to constantly collect the latest market trends.

in fact, Mr. Wang’s troubles are not accidental, his troubles have some universality. From the point of view of the characteristics of information in this era, the extreme richness of information is one of the most typical characteristics. Now is an era of information flooding, in the vast majority of cases, want to have. But the key problem is that information asymmetry exists. The person who needs the information may not be able to get the information; the person who needs to send the information does not know how to send out the information. From the accuracy of information, Baidu and other traditional search engines do not satisfactory.

258 business search after the era of innovation model

from the above example, we can see that Mr. Wang’s problem is that the search engine results and he wants a big gap. To this end, Mr. Wang decided to try a new search tool. At this time, 258 commercial search into his field of vision. Once he tried, he liked the 258 commercial search.

"why do I say 258 commercial search, there are two reasons. First of all, when I use the 258 business search, the search is out of my list of suppliers. And I used to use search engine, search out is a hodgepodge of every hue. I personally think that other search engines have their advantages, is to find a lot of relevant information, but these are not necessarily for us the most we need. In addition, 258 commercial search to several business, information, yellow pages, different search directories separated, let us search these businessmen can choose a more appropriate search method." Mr. Wang this evaluation of 258 commercial search, he could not suppress some excited mood.

In fact,

, like Mr. Wang, the merchant of the information needs of the changes, but also in line with the people of the Internet to provide information

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