Little white marketing road also have a look at these basic methods of spring

marketing this word, seemingly simple, but it is difficult to practice, the market is changing all the time, new technologies, new cases, new strategies are endless. If we don’t want to take the time to study, to study, it is very easy to be eliminated.

so if you’re just a little white, how to do it? Small early to say a few more basic examples:

1 circle of friends recommended.

, for example, you have their own communities, students and other lines under the circle, recommend yourself to let you add you. Another example of mobile phone address book, QQ address book, can also be regarded as a circle of friends recommended, which is online.

In fact, we see the

circle of friends or micro business that has a lot of space, it is without demur advertising, everybody also very disgusted. We can not advertising for advertising, if you add some common sense of life, personal mood, etc., may be more easily accepted!

2 event promotion.

in your local customer groups in the sweep code activities, push their own numbers, so more accurate. For example, some meals a day on the increase of nearly ten million, the customer has the value of the customer on the initiative.

3 article.

soft Wen this is more understanding of everyone, a good soft Wen is two-way, that is, let the customer get the content he wants, but also understand the content of the propaganda. Now, mostly dry cargo or story types. Write more valuable articles, if reproduced by the site, not how long the number of friends will have more than 1000, which is the power of good article.

4 Platform marketing.

marketing platform relative to the advertisement is a kind of indirect marketing, enterprises and consumers through the blog communication, news release, collect feedback and opinions and realize the enterprise public relations, although no direct promotion of these products, but allow users to close, listening, communication itself is the best means of marketing.

5 video clips by shooting series witty and the masses of the video, a function or the image is repeated, the key role of the form of the audience’s attention, resulting in thinking and atmosphere.

Internet is a powerful marketing tool, and it also channels, promotions, electronic transactions, interactive customer service and market information analysis and provide a variety of functions. It has one to one marketing capabilities, just in line with the future trend of customized marketing and direct marketing, so marketers should take a good grasp of this piece.

The main work of

marketing people are dealing with people, customers, partners, advertising companies, public relations, media reporters, editors, conference in control field, a project sponsor, and so on, not just on the Internet at the screen typing……

this time, we >

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