nternet legal service platform to win the network to get tens of millions of dollars B round of fin


technology news May 17th afternoon news, the Internet legal service platform won the network CEO Li Lei announced that it has completed in March 2016 tens of millions of yuan B round of financing, the investor CITIC asset’s investment platform atsunobu investment. Won the network is to provide legal advice and litigation services Internet platform.

won the network is mainly directed at a certain percentage of the commission charged by the lawyer, that is, each transaction through the platform of a lawsuit, lawyers need to pay a certain percentage of commission. In addition to self built platform, won the network also cooperate with other Internet Co. For example, through Lily network for Lily emotional hospital consulting users to provide professional legal advice to help users solve the marriage and family disputes.

won the network operations data show that there are more than 20000 lawyers to join the business covering the country’s more than and 80 cities. According to sina science and technology to understand, won the network currently has two kinds of free services and VIP services, online consulting are free. VIP service refers to the user after the message, to pay 99 yuan, the relevant lawyers in the next 24 hours to communicate with the user unlimited.

seems to Li Lei, legal services can be combined with more areas, so as to provide relevant legal value-added services to partner users. (Zhou Xuedie)

Sina entrepreneurial super finishing on the Internet forensic entrepreneurial logic:

Internet forensic logic:

1, looking for legal services chain on the relative standardization of the link, its data and processes, and ultimately replace manual labor.

from the legal services industry chain, the relative standardization of the customer access, legal document services, light consulting, simple case handling, simple affairs agency (company registration, trademark registration), etc.. Foreign Internet Law Corporation from the customer and legal instruments two angles.

2, part of the program can not be used to make up for the human, but to provide a certain division of labor cooperation mechanism and efficiency tools.

collaboration, can be achieved through a certain technical means and system design.

efficiency tools, from the legal database channel text analysis tools have been tried.

3, lower barriers to entry. Simple transactions do not need high-level talent to do. So that the complexity of the transaction and the level of talent to match, which requires better implementation of the internet.

4, reduce the cost of personnel training. Traditional legal industry personnel training model is inefficient, whether through online education to develop new methods, it is worth exploring.

focuses on providing legal services start-up companies including fast law, law, law cloud, rice green dog and easy method, method of red guards, gladiators, law, justice, angel fruit known to ask a lawyer.

green dog network approach is through the development of online legal products (non litigation business standardization), the integration of lawyers and law firms resources to reduce the high threshold of legal services, >