Extensive matching more potential for matching patterns

Baidu CPC promotion which contains 2 matching modes: precise matching and extensive matching. Compared with the precise match, the most obvious feature of the most obvious is a higher degree of control, you can not accurately know what the user is through the keywords into your site. This may be a lot of businesses to give up a wide range of choices and precise reasons.

however, a wide range of matching this model has its own advantages, if you can control the good, it will bring better results and benefits than precise matching. There are 2 outstanding advantages of wide matching:

can bring more traffic

obviously, when you determine the number of keywords, the use of a wide range of matching the flow is to bring a lot of accurate match. If your company wants to get more traffic through CPC, get more opportunities to show, then your keywords is best to choose a wide range of matching patterns.

can save a lot of keywords mining time

if it is to do the exact match, keyword mining work is not to stop, because the keyword mining stopped, it means that the flow of your stop. The broad match words, keywords excavation work is not so hard, the user may appear your advertising in search of many relevant keywords, even if the environment is changing, user search habits are changing, keywords, is still widely have the opportunity to show.

and when it comes to a wide range of matches, a lot of people will ask 2 questions, for these 2 issues, there are solutions:

the first question: it is difficult to find a high conversion of keywords

accurate matching is a good way to do this, the key words are not translated at a glance. At this point, there is a wide range of defects, but it is not that we can not find the words of high conversion, as long as the mind can be achieved. For example:

for example you see in a statistical tool is brought into the key words, but the words in your promotion background is widely exist in the form of matching, that is to say we are not sure exactly which keywords bring transformation. This time, need to use another report to assist search — search word report, Baidu promotion is currently provides a report that, through this report, can be achieved is found when keyword accounts of the show what is the actual user search words, you only need to put in a statistical tool transformation of the words in the search word report to find the corresponding word search, you can find the high conversion keywords.

second questions: a wide range of key words to improve the quality of

because it is easy to match a wide range of matching to some of the low conversion of the word, but also in the price ratio is not as good as the exact match, so a wide range of matching quality scores are often more general. But the quality is