QQ group on the promotion of the feasibility of recommendations

QQ group promotion is commonly used to promote the webmaster website, QQ group can be used to invite users to register, publish web advertising, interactive cooperation, etc.. However, due to some webmasters in the QQ group promotion in the specific operation of the error, the promotion effect may not be satisfactory. The author tries to combine the long-term promotion practice, from the use of QQ group invite user registration of this measure to talk about some suggestions, hoping to play a valuable role, to all the webmaster promotion activities to bring some help.

1, QQ group selection

first of all, according to their web site to choose the theme of the most relevant QQ group. Only in this way, can effectively promote the user for the most accurate.

secondly, to select the number of QQ group. Related topics, there are a large number of QQ group, dragons and fishes jumbled together. At this time, to choose the number of QQ group as much as possible, so as to improve the efficiency of the promotion.

again, to fill in the authentication information. Webmaster request to join the QQ group, be sure to enter authentication information, it is best to first introduce myself, this can reveal their sincerity, QQ group by chance your validation will be greater. But also polite language, but also express their strong desire to join the QQ group desire to communicate. I am a Chinese student, I would like to join our group communication".

2, the implementation of the invitation

joined a certain number of QQ group, the next step to start their own promotion practice. Friends of the group to implement the registration of the way the invitation is essential, their promotion can be achieved, the key lies in the implementation of the invitation.

on the implementation of the invitation, the need for special tips is not directly in the QQ group invited to speak. This promotion effect is almost zero, we may wish to think about it, if you are a QQ group of friends, others do not send an advertisement to the group. In the face of a strange site link, you will go to the point? You even bother to read this advertisement, sometimes you may also dissatisfaction within the group of advertising, angrily back up group. Through this analysis we can see that the direct speech effect is poor, but in novice group can send ads, very easy to be kicked out of the main group.

the most effective way to invite invitations. QQ group of all the group of friends (Group founder and administrator except) one by one invitation, so that it is possible to achieve the effect of promotion. Not for Group founder and administrator invitation, because if they find you "have an ulterior motive," kick you out of the QQ group, will interrupt you to invite other friends group.

The content and analysis of

3 and invitation

invitation is also an important part of the decision to promote the effect of. A good invitation can help a group of friends to sign up for your site. And bad invitation, it will be regarded as advertising, was a group of friends despise. The charm of the language arts into your invitation, will receive unexpected results. The author in the long term to promote real