15 marketing case let Uber fire in a complete mess but also did not spend 1 cents

in just the end of the 68 Cannes Film Festival, Uber is out of the limelight, the fire in a complete mess by UAV, shuttle operations again pocketed popularity, rich enough eyeballs in the buzz whether or praise, or we have to admire Tucao or Uber a variety of interesting and fun creative marketing, this paper is to check the Uber for several years have made the classic interesting case, you will be amazed by the absolute.

Cannes Film Festival: Uber

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Uber seems to have been trying to tell consumers, it is more than a car. A call CEO, using Uber to find work, find the object, delivery, adopt a small animal, these are Uber have expanded marketing activities, and in this field the ultimate fame – Cannes Film Festival, Uber once again launched a helicopter passenger service upgrade project.

it is reported that the helicopter business is mainly the main venue of the airport and the Cannes Film Festival (Festival Palace), each of which is an exhibition of passenger traffic in the only way which must be passed, two cases, high-speed walk about 40 minutes, but during the festival, city of Cannes airport and about 200 thousand to receive from afar the guests, congestion is inevitable, but the helicopter takes only 7 minutes to reach.


price of about $180, a mere 4 people, although the conversion of RMB or a bit expensive, but it is generally take a taxi from the airport and the Cannes Film Festival palace, also need 800 yuan, in so doing, the helicopter is expensive 400. In fact, during the Cannes Film Festival last year, Uber had carried out shuttle service between Paris and nice, France, an hour’s voyage charges $9000.

for the star, money is not important, so domineering appearance is worth having, and on Uber, through this activity profit is not the focus, through the star caused social media attention is the purpose.


Vanity Fair

star similarly, is also the brand place to get together, not every flash has value, not every blog layout is applause, is the so-called stand much slander, will withstand much praise, Cannes marketing quality.

said a story about Uber is very famous:

has a Uber driver who lives in China World Trade Center, when the reporter in the CCTV news channel, now engage in entrepreneurial Internet Co, driving a Land Rover and a Ferrari Uber driver training, together with his two former assistant Zhang Zhaoyang teacher, and a A8W12 Nouveau riche.

he did not make money for Uber, there are three main purposes:

recruitment: after 12 points in Zhongguancun to live, then all of the overtime Technology >