Employees will use their positions will be sold to 9313 customers fraud

Legal Evening News (reporter Jiang Chenghua Mao Zhanyu Intern Wang Shibo Wang Zhenpeng) Jingdong mall 3 employees to visit the company’s ultra vires database system, illegal access to personal information of 9313 Jingdong mall customers after the sale to the telephone fraud criminals.

one of the defendant’s lawyer told the Legal Evening News "reporter, the case of the incident, the Jingdong is the mall received a large number of customers at the end of 2014 and early 2015 to reflect the information was leaked, suffered telephone fraud complaints, because the volume of complaints, the Jingdong mall conducted a self-examination, the final confirmation of the information disclosure system of Li Jun 3 immediately report, Jingdong.

Legal Evening News reporter was informed that the 3 employees of the Daxing District Municipal People’s Court of Beijing was illegally obtained personal information of citizens sentenced to imprisonment for 1 years and 6 months to 1 years. The day before, a lawyer ready to transfer criminal record as evidence for the prosecution of consumers rights.

steal information

Jingdong 3 logistics staff to sell 9313 customer information

Daxing District Beijing people’s court made by

(2015) oibara early word no. 1464th criminal verdict shows, Li Jun, Zhao Liang, Feng Chun (three pseudonym) is the Jingdong of Beijing century trade limited company staff.

but Li Jun and other 3 people do not work in Beijing, but in Jiangsu, Kunshan. Kunshan, known by the media as the most favorite online shopping county". Jingdong mall in the local built about 300000 square meters of logistics and warehousing facilities, is the headquarters of Jingdong mall in East China’s e-commerce base.

Li Jun’s lawyer Jia Hongjie said, Li Jun and other 3 people are responsible for the logistics staff and logistics departments have detailed customer data, including customer name, address, telephone, when orders, the goods purchased and other information.

Li Jun, Zhao Liang, Feng Chun are only junior high school culture, were born in 1985, in 1986 and in 1990.

after the court found that from December 2014 to January 2015, Li Jun and other 3 people by logging Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co. ERP office system (located in Beijing City, Daxing District Yizhuang server), illegal access to personal information of 9313 Jingdong mall customers, resulting in a Jingdong in Beijing Century Trading Co., a large number of customer information, and the information will be sold to others.

illegal profit

sold 3 cents per share rose to $3 from the 1.5 earned nearly $40 thousand

although the verdict according to the evidence that disclosure of personal information Jingdong mall customers 9313, but according to admission first defendant Li Jun, the Jingdong store customer personal information about their illegal access to nearly 30 thousand.

according to its account, a total of 3 illegal profits of nearly $40 thousand. Li Jun said that at first, they are selling a price of 3 yuan of information, after the price of up to 5 hair, and finally rose to a $1.5. Li Jun says they’re 3

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