Second crisis China’s nternet second dilemma



‘s first landing on the moon was Armstrong, Mount Qomolangma, the world’s highest peak. How many people know the second man on the moon and a peak of second? Second always faced the forgotten and neglected fate, so also in the Internet industry, and they will always be the first name of the loser.


occupy the largest share of the search market in the third quarter, revenue more than 6 billion 200 million yuan, and in the search market second race each other on the throne and 360 over the same period Sogou revenues, but were only 37 million and 84 million dollars.


Google has become second only to the U.S. search service, but in October this year, Bing’s market share of only 16%, the number of users to search Google 1/4 not to, in charge of the search business of Microsoft online revenues in the third quarter of this year was $697 million, but losses of more than $360 million.

maybe this phenomenon reflects the most distinctive is the double eleven promotion before the electricity supplier, Taobao grab a 19 billion 100 million yuan, while the Jingdong was only 2 billion 500 million yuan, even sales data are not published. "Second difficulties", can be regarded as shocking.

when the market becomes mature, we will find the competition gradually solidified and stagnant, because of increasing competition threshold allocation and optimization of resources, the market size of competitors finally will become less and less, even may become the first, second and other new competitors in a game.

maybe then, we will continue to expand to witness the Matthew effect and fulfillment, the first on the market with the largest, the highest quality customer resources and the best development platform, and grow more and more, while the other second, competitors in the competition will be more and more weak, finally only to snatch the former. Leftovers.

perhaps, these second can get seems very eye-catching performance in the outsiders, maybe they have a rapid development momentum, perhaps in our opinion only a gap between them and the market leader.

But when

, WeChat has more than 200 million users and therefore have multiple possibilities when, when most people are around when using it, how many people will insist on M chat and mo. When Sina’s micro-blog registered users over 400 million, becoming the most active and most mature micro-blog platform, as well as how many advertisers and users will put more energy and attention to other platforms.


When the

Facebook already has 1 billion users to become social platform hegemony, even Google overlord, tried to launch one after another to launch its own social products, in accordance with the "

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