Ali opened May letter ticket 23 logistics speculation is repaying the Tmall business


technology news news May 4th, Alibaba recently opened the first group in May with the first batch of 23 letter ticket, Tmall business has been verified in the "logistics brush", according to the relevant rules of the Tmall platform, these businesses have been sealed off.

It is reported that

, the so-called "logistics brush" refers to the logistics company personnel involved in illegal scalping, assist the unscrupulous businessmen send the package or provide false air logistics information, so as to improve the business volume, credit rating, which is characterized in that the logistics Waybill Information is difficult to determine the height of artificial simulation.

this was Ali hit businesses including Tmall car home fried letter, digital home appliances and many other categories. Tmall rules department responsible person told reporters that all other businesses involved, then according to the evidence, found a number of Tmall platform will be in accordance with the rules are a number of penalties.

Alibaba search division responsible person, by the end of 2014, the Department through the algorithm model to monitor some of the logistics data anomalies. At the same time Ali other departments after artificial inspections to confirm certain logistics company internal personnel and company "Liyingwaihe" single brush. Alibaba joint action set up a number of departments, excluding the relevant data involved in the speculation letter, and in the search for the underlying data in the bottom, clean up all the data caused by business logistics brush weight. In addition, the joint action group on the logistics of real-time data abnormal state express courier companies such as more than and 10 key monitoring.

after the beginning of this year, all the evidence gathered together, the action team to find the country through courier companies, in the face of evidence, the latter admitted that there is a single issue and is willing to cooperate with the rectification. Since then, the rookie network announced that the 13 express delivery line punishment, which officially closed in May 4th through the State Express online single function for 1 months, and so on, and then decide whether to restore service after its rectification. Tong, tact, Shen Tong, BES Huitong, rhyme, the courier company issued notice of the internal requirements of Taobao, Tmall platform businesses banned acceptance letter express speculation.


group said, face some bad business changing trend speculation of new channel approach, the future will be to buy the seller account registration, user monitoring on Ali platform transactions, to logistics, capital, evaluation data monitoring system, monitoring and identification to establish coverage trading, logistics, capital "link" to maintain high vigilance against speculation, the letter.

in this year’s "2015 annual seller", Alibaba group retail platform business group president Zhang Jianfeng has revealed that some sellers for various purposes, concentrate on the letter, such as fried brush single "effort", May, Ali will launch very severe penalties, from the commodity shop, right down right down, until the store closed.

Alibaba search division responsible person also stressed that to make bad businesses go bankrupt, in the fight against speculation for all unilateral channel brush size businesses alike, the implementation of Zhang Jianfeng at the beginning of the year commitment.

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