Decrypt Baidu M project team of special forces

has ten days of "prerelease experience" has not let you shine at the moment? But you may not know, in the product behind the IM project team of engineers experienced a kind of passion, even the most difficult "dark" day? We interviewed dozens of engineers from RD, the QA IM project PM, and UE, as you unlock the secrets of this "special force".

do Baidu Hi is not afraid of anything."

this sentence is RD Yu (below) said, he is Baidu older employees, he said IM let him realize the real hardship and toil, also realize the multiplication of the happiness and glory, now and then when facing any problem, the kind of courage and confidence is no longer "Chushengniudu not afraid the tiger", but "as long as there is a firm belief, team support, it does not solve the problem."

Baidu in such a short period of time to make the IM product itself has been very great, the difficulty coefficient of this product can be said to be higher than many of our products, and Baidu has no experience. In the same time, others left the dry sand is a failure of the case, and Baidu has come out! "In an interview with the IM team of engineers, insiders told the" simple weekly ".


team leader Meikai told us, "first in the Department are very small, hand in addition to IM and other R & D projects, we will give the job to pick up, then it is fearless, all people just have a feeling that is exciting."

But with the development of

, when the MRD when the overwhelming pressure down, we realized that this is a very difficult project, but now it seems that when everyone is still on the back would encounter the expected shortfall.

because of the original system inconsiderate, we found that the patch hit more, more and more difficult for the day after the maintenance of Mines make people think and fear, if according to the original plan, this time also can cross, but in the end, we unified thought — taking huge pressure reconstruction decision to modify the system, to do you do whatever the most perfect degree, not in the future so that hundreds of millions of users. The engineers silently swallowed the increased workload, and finally with Hi through the mountains, across the dark tunnel, brighter.

"I strive to others, others rest I strive to"

"Baidu IM was developed from scratch, it is only" other people I work harder, I also try to recover the others. "". Indeed, some engineers are tired, but tired just seem to face, they chatted about the IM spirit, still full of passion.

recalled just joined the IM team, the engineer said he was a small flood newborn calves are not afraid of tigers – there is nothing to do, just think how to do better". Xiao Hong remember, he came to Baidu at 9 p.m. leave >

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