Website planning U thinking simple to the extreme

30 minutes before a whim, to write an article on the UI, although the feeling is not much, but in order to lead a few pieces of jade, or to throw a brick. When a user first came to a web site, the user’s first feeling is what, huh, huh, this problem is very simple, you think about what you first came to a strange place, what is the first feeling confused and confused?.

everything is so strange, everything is so familiar with, a lot of people will have the feeling at a loss. This time, you do not let the sales reps all together began selling all sorts of gossip around the user. So timid users will be scared fainted. Only a few brave also vomiting. Quick response would have run away, the world is much the same site, splendor in the grass. Therefore, we need to understand a few questions:

one of the first important part of UI: clearly reflect the characteristics of the site services, simple to the extreme.

Please forgive me to act as a

UI the most false foreign devil Chinese need to check to see the word "user interface" ladder network Wang Yihui summed up in the past, website profit pattern is nothing more than a sell service. With this as the starting point, to find a good starting point, it is able to achieve site on-line on the first day of profit, but China has a lot of Internet elite has proved that the website on-line on the first day that can achieve profitability. Well, the user comes, nothing more than to allow users to buy our services, in order to achieve profitability of the site. So, what services do we provide to users. Therefore, leads to the first question, the user interface of a web site to clear clear clear then characteristic service of the site, if you can not do a clear clear clear, many users might faint, vomit, then run away.

if Baidu hadn’t copied the Google home page that only a search box looks very funny, weird and offbeat non mainstream UI, but Baidu all business are put up, so now Baidu must be looking for crazy cast then being kept out of the. Simple to the extreme is not easy to subvert. Just as Baidu was incorporated hao123, a few years did not dare to lift to hao123, when a website UI simple to the extreme, people see that this website is his love, he needs, this time, other people is not easy to be in third.

two UI of the second important parts: to meet the user’s habits, simple to the extreme.

to meet the user’s habits, or in order to allow users to use simple to the extreme. Users are accustomed to the use of the left mouse button click, no one dared to innovate a right click on the connection of the mouse, you can feel your function better, but you can not and the user’s habits against

why a lot better than the hao123 site navigation station all kinds of scheming and means to take hao123 away from the user’s home page and then replaced, but also the hao1> end users

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