The new search engine rules under the soft Wen marketing should do

With the continuous innovation of Baidu

algorithm, the traditional marketing idea has been difficult to adapt to the new rules of the search engine, and even said that if marketing idea used before, not only will not have much help to the website, but it will also lead to many serious problems, even cause the website by K, which seriously affects the future development of the site the.

The correlation between

latest search engine rules pay more attention to the content and the core content of the soft site, but also for the quality of the soft also has a very high demand, if the acquisition of the traditional type of soft mode in the website link anchor text soft internal implant some need publicity, or some extended reading, this collection of content on the one hand, too much, easy to cause the fatigue of the search engine, on the other hand, its poor quality, difficult to get recognized by the search engine, which greatly weakened the effect of soft marketing.

then in the new search engine marketing rules, how should do can play its great effect? In fact if marketing with high quality, so the effect of soft marketing can be fully reflected, and even help create website brand, which is the solid foundation for the sustainable development of the site under the. Here to explore soft marketing strategy.

first, the higher the quality of soft wen. This is the first step in the soft marketing, but here need to define what is a high quality of soft Wen, or just say that the quality of the soft text to be higher, it is very abstract, it is difficult to master. Here I can put forward three points to distinguish the quality of soft wen. The first readability is high, can introduce into. For example, some of the strong character of the story is this kind of soft. Second strong professional. These soft text can bring great help to the user, the reader can solve the related problems. Third original high. This is the key, only to do the original, but also to achieve high readability, professional high, can be regarded as a better quality of soft Wen, which is the first step in the successful marketing of soft wen.

second, the content of soft text and web site to promote the content of relevance. If the contents of the poor correlation between the advertorial content and publicity, which is a taboo in the search engine of the new algorithm, it is easy to cause the site to be search engine K station, causing the site to continue operations. The correlation to mention to the main content of soft Wen and propaganda points are consistent, for example, you want to promote a website selling a product, then the soft and the product must have a certain relationship. For example, the use of this product, because the product has something interesting, or because the product to solve what the problem, so that it can produce soft marketing results.

third, soft Wen release need to focus on the relevance of the platform. Because in the new search engine algorithm, for the soft release platform has certain constraints, that is soft, soft content distribution platform and also have a certain correlation, still in the above product promotion as an example, if your marketing is a product, but a platform is released this movie website, "

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