Website operation strategy one what kind of website does the enterprise need

The influence of website construction on network marketing is mainly reflected in two aspects:

1  user access to information and the impact on the credibility of the site

2  impact on network marketing methods

, basically you can position, continue to deepen:

Effect of

1      to ensure the validity of the website information, do not see the above add time is in 2004, I met many such examples, what is more, the company’s products, contact search does not shine, so my next action

is run, note that this is very good can reverse

2        Web page download speed is faster, faster, I don’t want to wait in front of the computer screen is, so I will never come to this website, the page is not difficult to solve, we can from our basic server configuration

start, if you really do not have the promotion, then take a look at our website, a modified simple, well!

3        Web site easy to use: our customers come to our site is to find the required, we do not make our site like a missile as complex, that is not for our users, all hope that companies can better reflect the site structure we, the navigation links.

4      maintain the normal operation of the website

5        to ensure that the site’s links are effective, I do not want to open a link to get the answer is empty links, it will affect everyone’s mood! Remember!

6        protection of personal information, this is to make an effort to think, at present many of the sites are not good, the protection of personal information in many foreign websites are very good, in order to get used.

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