Jia Yueting smiled less than 36 hours FF91 order volume has reached 64124


NetEase Francisco January 6th message, Faraday (Faraday future) said in the future on twitter today, less than 36 hours after the release of the FF91 order volume has reached 64124 units, according to each pay 5000 dollars (in fact Chinese reservation to pay 50 thousand yuan), Faraday future has received over $320 million in cash.


cars are scheduled to be new in the electric car industry. In April last year, Tesla Model 3 release and accept reservations, booking a week in advance booking amount of up to 325 thousand, Tesla was required to purchase a prospective buyer must pay $1000 deposit.

FF91 released in Beijing on January 4th. On the parameters, the longest mileage can reach 700 km, peak power of 783 kW (1050 HP), the fastest one hundred kilometers acceleration of 2.39 seconds. FF91 will be launched in March this year, a special edition of 300 vehicles to pay $5000 to subscribe to the ordinary version of the car is expected in 2018. It is reported that FF91 price will be between $150 thousand to $200 thousand. Development team said, FF91 not only has a mature automatic parking technology, but also has the strongest power drive system.

Jia Yueting said at the time, the car can not be used in any of the current models to classify him. Not only is the fastest acceleration of the electric car, there are a lot of disruptive innovation, breaking the Internet, autopilot, AI and other borders, the reconstruction of the value of the car. He also believes that the FF91 set of models of the director, hoping to use a model can replace many other models.

but the parties believe that the biggest problem is the capacity of FF91, the factory is currently in a state of suspension, only a wasteland. Faraday (Faraday future) in the future of financial crisis, the majority of executives turnover, hang by a thread. Some people think this conference is directly pointed out that in order to money.

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