Taobao blocked and cash back rebate network does not affect mogujie com beauty



every reporter Xi Dawei from Chengdu

is known as a "major change" business platform sales model, presents a serious challenge to the rebate website business model.

November 20th, e-commerce alliance – Taobao Alliance announced that the country’s largest platform, from January 1st next year, no longer support for the Taobao station Shopping for Refund Taobao off mode, only support the return points, back kind, and other non cash back coupons.

many accept the "daily economic news" reporter interviewed market participants said that this adjustment means that a change in the rebate website business model, will have an impact on the site and customers.

immediate investigation and adjustment

November 20th

Taobao Alliance announced on its official website, recently received a lot of feedback from Consumers Union and complaints, part of the rebate type of Taobao customers in the propaganda to exaggerate the malicious cash rebate amount, extend rebate account and deliberately set many restrictions such as rebates, against the interests of consumers, and even some illegal organizations, phishing sites also made "cash back shopping" name, to deceive and mislead consumers.

"we decided in consultation with many partners, since January 1, 2013, the alliance will no longer support for the Taobao website (including Tmall and Taobao mart) cash back shopping to members or buyers to return to the present class Taobao off mode, only support the return and return back in kind, integral coupons and other non cash rebate way." The announcement said.

yesterday (November 21st), Taobao alliance through the official micro-blog explained that began the investigation and adjustment from now on, in the implementation of the new rules after the date has not yet completed the adjustment of Taobao, Taobao will no longer continue to cooperate with the union.

Taobao alliance is part of Alibaba group’s Amoy network, is the largest e-commerce marketing alliance (advertising platform). In January this year, the head of the Taobao Alliance announced that the alliance now has 19 million partners, the number of day trading more than 1 million.

does not affect, beautiful said

Taobao Taobao refers to the Internet to help promote the sale of goods by the seller, and the Commission by the commission or the collective effect of the transaction can be individuals, websites, groups, companies.

Call back now Taobao class guest

the above announcement, the general consumer understanding of the rebate website (can be micro-blog, personal website, community Posts etc.), its profit model is: the user through the rebate site to jump to the online sellers after shopping rebate web site to obtain commissions from the seller, and will be part of the commission the cash returned to buyer. As a way to promote the Taobao alliance, compared to the cash back return, return coupon rebate integral form is more popular.


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