Comsenz on the nternet MediaTek

the company over the past few years through the track, is the evolution of Chinese Internet technology, mode and environment.

CEO Dai Zhikang Comsenz excited recently. At the end of 1, micro-blog products CTT Comsenz started online, aroused great concern to many Internet sites webmasters. This means that micro-blog in the near future can become the standard configuration of major small and medium sites.


in fact, micro-blog is one of the functional components of Comsenz new station software products – Ultra-X contains, which combines the BBS, portal, community, advertising system, the third party application platform, e-commerce transaction system, even micro-blog all the mainstream Internet website software, and extended to millions of small sites to.

Discuz and UCenter Home once through! (hereinafter referred to as UC Home), known as the two change Chinese Internet Ecosystem Comsenz, very little in the mobile phone industry, the shadow of the hair, whether it will bring new changes?

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in the eyes of Dai Zhikang, the most important change in the level of China’s Internet business model, is the maturity of the SNS community.

in the happy net on its new SNS model in 2008 after the rapid rise of the Internet, China "older" all kinds of community people (such as and seems to be a night to find the feeling, web games, marketing has become the basic characteristics of the mainstream implantation of the SNS community, and the third party application market also began to grow rapidly.

Tencent, Sina, Microsoft, telecom operators, such as those of the newly added heavyweight SNS players, the concept of SNS will finally heat up the search, e-commerce and other Internet applications. According to the preliminary data of the Internet Data Center (DCCI), in 2009 China’s Internet advertising revenue reached 1 billion yuan in the field of SNS, an increase of up to 31.6%, far higher than the overall growth rate of Internet advertising by 25%. also in September last year for the first time to achieve advertising revenue over wireless value-added revenue.

however, except in the media spotlight these SNS giants, China more than 300 million users, according to the different geographical and population, has a variety of social needs (not just friends, the game of leisure and self display). And to cover these needs, it is not the giant website, but millions of small and medium sites across china. The first relies on the forum software Discuz! Chinese occupied most of the site is the Comsenz, the field of hope.

Dai Zhikang told reporters, Ultra-X’s X represents the Crossover (cross-border) community system. It will be the use of a unified background, unified user center (integration of all points) and >

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