Network transmission letter will be officially issued before the Spring Festival virtual business li


should end in 2016 the pilot virtual operators to get official license is still in pilot extension of unlicensed "streaking" stage. However, during the Spring Festival this year is expected to solve the problem of virtual operators continue to operate without a license for a year.

according to the friends of home users broke the news, the State Council will be approved before the Spring Festival mobile resale official license related matters, open the application window. After this, the virtual business can apply to the Ministry of industry, Ministry of audit, after the approval of the virtual business license issued.

after the release in 2016 June of the "virtual business license or will be postponed to next year officially issued" the article is mentioned, because the real name system, mobile resale business license or official time will be postponed to next year, the regulatory authorities will be based on the virtual business registration system and business development, which was decided licence.

official license issued in 2016 first half of virtual operators also fulfilled the author’s point of view, virtual operators formal license time because the real name system problem being dragged.

real name system issue official license issued

at the end of 2013, the Ministry of telecommunications industry to activate the vitality of the pilot introduced a virtual operator. A pilot for two years, the virtual operator has achieved initial results, the flow is not cleared, no roaming, zero monthly, allowing users to enjoy the development and reform of telecom dividend.

but in the pilot period, virtual business is also facing zero upside down, telecommunications fraud, interoperability, real name registration and other issues. In particular, Xu Yuyu case, is that virtual operators in the in the teeth of the storm.

ministry also said virtual operators will further increase the intensity of supervision and management and the implementation of real name system for virtual operators for the expansion of business scope, increase the code number of resources, issuing a formal business license item veto. Violation of the provisions of the real name system of virtual operators, will be dealt with severely, will not be tolerated. In the implementation of the rectification in place, will not be through the business access code number, nuclear distribution, expand the business scope and other relevant approval; if the circumstances are serious, will require the corresponding basic telecom companies to suspend the code number of resources has enabled nuclear distribution; for rectification, repeated violations of the law, the Ministry will resolutely investigate and deal with, until the abolition of the relevant qualification.

in the Ministry instructed the virtual operators implement "on section 170 mobile phone real name system proposal" (the four session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress proposal No. 9441st) said in reply, according to the law compliance management, the implementation of real name registration, good social repercussions of the virtual operators in the official business to open up Easy Access, increase the number of resources and other aspects of support. In addition, the implementation of the real name system of virtual operators will be regularly informed of the basic telecommunications companies, requiring basic telecommunications companies to carry out cooperation with virtual operators, to investigate the implementation of the actual name registration.

can be seen, the real name system has become a virtual operator is able to obtain a license, who can get the license as soon as possible, and get more code number of resources is the most important condition.


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