Milk is the mother from the media to Tencent Sohu Baidu three from the media platform

from the media but has been more than a year, gradually showing from the contention of a hundred schools of thought a situation of tripartite confrontation situation, WeChat, Tencent, Sohu, Baidu news client 100 become the most important people from the media since the three media platform. Reluctant to set the child less than the wolf, the three media platform to be able to come to the fore the key factor is to be able to bring benefits from the media.

three from the media platform can separate and deposit, one of the model differences are also key factors. Because of its different basis, in the process of establishing self media platform in the exploration of different modes, precisely because there is a difference between the model, people from the media can be more flexible and efficient play from the media’s influence.

WeChat public: relying on the social application of the open media platform

three from the media platform, WeChat is considered the most open, because the reduction in the middle of the operational links, since the media can use WeChat public platform to directly face the reader. Since the operation of the media account how to look at the individual, WeChat will not be involved in the basic content of the editorial push link.

recently, WeChat began testing a wide point in the public account, this is WeChat as a commercial self media platform, the response from the test situation, the current results in general. However, WeChat in this attempt to make a lot of people from the media to see the hope of making money. Gain is the people from the media as one of the most concerned about the issue, after all, who are not without an income continued to create content, through WeChat to get a little profit from the media can not let your rich people, but at least can solve the problem of food and clothing.


as the biggest characteristics from the media platform is "open", but there is no limit on the opening also let WeChat Longshehunza, which is from the media "content creators" also have "content Porter", provides the best survival soil open WeChat for those porters.

they do not produce content, they are just the Internet Porter, this kind of self media operation ability is extremely strong, small to tens of thousands of fans, the hundreds of thousands, millions of. They know how to select the content please the readers, but also exists in some form of mutual alliance, WeChat did not attempt to wide point when they can gain by means of marketing, and now widely point appears, this kind of media revenue will be far more than most of the "content creators".

as an open platform from the media, WeChat is not wrong, content handlers are not wrong, there is such a market, there is no way to reverse, who let the domestic copyright protection consciousness is not enough. In fact, in turn, are willing to help spread the contents of Porter content creators is not a bad thing, at least can increase the influence. However, in terms of revenue, content creators only envy.

Sohu news client: news based professional media platform

Sohu originated from the media platform Sohu news client, is currently the most important of the Sohu

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