How to improve the click rate of your website


how to improve your site’s click rate

grassroots website, want to let his popularity more, what is the best way to take?? this is a question that every webmaster often ask more. At least go to the search engine registration, whether or not to be able to search, first register it. After you start preparing to determine which part of the people you want to attract, you are not free resources, if it is best to keep the regular update, if not free, it is best to keep the update. If it is your personal website, it is best to keep updating.

to ensure that the information provided is correct and practical, to enrich their content, do not worry about looking for people to see, because now you may not see the site itself. Because the content is too.

content enrichment, the search engine to find the content of your BBS, go to POST, tell them that you have a high content of BBS, I hope they have time to look at. Don’t stop the work, keep it up.

when you have finished this, may have been more than a month, the search engine may need to be run. You’re busy sorting out the resources to make it available. More trouble for users will be more.

but a part of the user, and then for their own site for some optimization so that more people can find you through the search engine. However, these goals have been reached, may have been 3 months, and how they have a good ranking?. If you pay Baidu, he won’t let you wait so long.

a, to the major search engine registration, registration

two, to participate in various advertising organizations

three, and related sites do link

four, use e-mail group to send messages

five, through the news media publicity

six, the use of message boards to promote

seven, to major newspapers, websites published articles

eight, e-mail notification

nine, in the chat room, BBS invitation

ten, release your home page on the newsgroup

eleven, the use of special registration tools to submit the home page

twelve, use all possible means to help promote

thirteen, the promotion of the Eight Tips website

[to the major search engine registration, registration]

search engine is a special website for information retrieval and query, is the first place for many users to search online information and surf the Internet, so you can register in the search engine

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