Promotion of good seven methods under local portal station

time is too fast, do the webmaster has more than a year, next year will graduate, when faced with a full-time webmaster or do amateur webmaster problem. I asked myself, if you do a full-time webmaster how to go to the next line to promote my Taizhou information network, so I say I feel good line promotion method to make a summary, and share.

a, business card promotion

can find cooperation with more and more people name card delivery and the like, can give him a super low price, or free print name card, as long as the name card attached to our website and web site, so it is of mutual benefit (that four or five yuan a box of name card can). There are some cards in their own business, running the business, to participate in activities to develop the habit of giving a business card, as time passes is also good.

two, cooperate with the shop

find some relatively good shops in the local cooperation, give them in their own stand on a publicity of free web advertising website (or intelligent website that I stand on this), let them in the shops on billboards on our web site, or more into a layer, let they advertised a single time in the hair, take us in the form of advertising. General shops do not have their own web site, give them a free site, then, when they print business cards or send leaflets, etc., will take the initiative to bring them on the website of the website we built.

three, hire the collection of information

can recruit some of the work study students, let them help you go to the street, the community gathering information, the best that they can wear special clothes, can swagger some words the effect will be better, so as to collect the original information in one hand, and to good publicity effect, but also to yourself to collect.

four, a small gift

can be in the weekend or holidays, in the bustling square or mall, send some small gifts with website information, such as balloons, etc..

five, activities such as cooperation hype

what are the local activities, can find their cooperation, for example, some concerts or games like, give them free publicity, if the online part can be placed in the US on the host, the better. Including voting, consultation, results announcement, etc.. If you can organize their own activities to do the best.

six, Internet cafes to promote cooperation

In fact,

Internet can use up, the effect is also good, if the browser home page to the front page of our website would be the best, if not, also can buy the poster on the wall (usually can buy short-term advertising, after the expiration of general and no other people to do advertising. The boss is also generally lazy to fall, if you can pull the relationship with the network manager or boss, you can spend a lot of money. Posters can also be in the bus station and other places, do advertising, the effect is not bad. I’ve seen a number of people doing so

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