Amoy special A5 winter Hotline for Business Promotion

I have an appointment with the guest, about in the winter, this year’s double eleven missed much of this year – plan how many, how can we leave the guest promotion this year, never mind missed the last quarter, and we now work hard to accumulate steadily, sprint, accumulation, preparing for next year to double eleven, Amoy 2014, create a sales miracle!!!

A5 winter special guest, Hotline for Business Promotion ~ ~ ~, determines the classification booth in accordance with the payment time, first come first served


1, focus map, each classification of a seat, a total of six seats, a booth 3000

2, ordinary booth, a row of four, a booth 2100

display time:

December 1, 2013 –2014, up to three months

contact QQ:836002635 Creek


winter special match with the main way of publicity: the promotion of autumn and eleven special

see the active address:

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