Baidu education quietly on the line this is the lack of medical care Or Robin is really in a hurry


] in the introduction this morning released a quarterly earnings report, Baidu due to a substantial increase in cost, revenue and profits are lower than analysts expected. Only a few hours after the earnings release, it launched the Baidu education, I am afraid that Baidu really anxious.

Baidu training came, just at noon today, ( is. However, some hidden deep, because the direct input of the left link, will directly jump to the Baidu home page. But if the search box "foreign language training" words in the search, you will really want to explain (netizen reaction low version of IE can not be achieved).


supplement medical pain

can according to the open market news, pharmaceutical advertising in Baidu’s advertising revenue accounted for the largest, and mechanical equipment, education, franchising and electronic products of Baidu advertising revenue of the top five sources, the five major sources of advertising accounted for about 50% of total revenue. However, the specific proportion of pharmaceutical advertising, from the earnings report is unknown.

But after

CTO Feng Dahui in his personal DXY WeChat further revealed that the pharmaceutical advertising revenue accounted for about 30-40% in Baidu, if you really think so, after the fall of November 2008 seems more reasonable, at the time, CCTV exposure for the first time Baidu bidding on the first day of trading after ranking for fake website, the stock fell plunged 25.04% the next month fell more than 50%.


in four other major source of income for the franchise, mechanical equipment, and electronic products industry is not too professional assets is too heavy, not love Baidu fan, so education is the best starting point.


is this a tricky business?

China education have much market? 4 trillion! But in fact according to iResearch data, the current network education scale is less than 80 billion, which also includes a variety of traditional net price. Although recently, ape exam, pass class network, multi Bay networks and other education in the years appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like, but the fact that education has not become a good Internet business. And everyone dreams of an education of "Taobao" is nowhere to be found.

can this dream of education be accomplished?

first, education is a non standardized product. It was a similar Internet product "campus network", but due to the fact that education, experience is more important, direct orders of new customers is relatively low, this is Baidu also can not solve the problem.

secondly, consumer maturity into doubt. 70, it is difficult to buy things online, after 80 began to buy but not much, although 90 after the beginning of the real popularity of online shopping, but obviously they are not really the education expenditure.

finally, do it yourself

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