Small and medium enterprises should pay attention to the use of soft marketing three key points

forum marketing, as a forum to promote the upgrade, complete the data, at present, many small and medium enterprises or medical or Internet companies are doing marketing forum, as can be imagined forum marketing is how much attention, attention is paid to the forum marketing marketing strategy, unlike the promotion of forum would only pay attention to execution, so forum marketing is more suitable for the enterprise to develop product marketing. Of course, the forum to promote a person can perform, and the forum is a marketing team to perform, so companies want to do a forum marketing if no team is not enough, the most important point is the forum marketing is the need for a lot of soft paper to support, it is one of the important means to achieve precision marketing, event marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, viral marketing.

believe that network marketing webmaster should know forum marketing is one of the main means of network marketing now, many companies are very keen on forum marketing, because in the eyes of the enterprise forum targeted marketing, forum marketing, word-of-mouth good atmosphere high proportion of less investment, quick effect, can grasp the user feedback information. Therefore, the enterprise also at any cost to do marketing forum. Of course, in the enterprise marketing webmaster know to do forum marketing is not so easy, I also do in the forum marketing, in the process of marketing to see a lot of companies are doing, there are a lot of beginners, so the author with the enterprise webmaster simple exchange about three of the best elements of marketing forum the following talk about my views, I hope to help the enterprise owners.

The first element of


first, the first element is, forum marketing webmaster should know, want to take effect made out of the premise is to have people to see, now many well-known Forum gathered tens of thousands of people, companies can do in these targeted marketing forum forum, then by all means let more people involved then, let the user interactive communication, so people are indispensable. The author suggested that enterprises can guide the real people involved in our posts, through the QQ group, micro-blog, QQ space etc. to attract users, of course, the final point is to hold the opinion leaders in the community and love interactive communication, so as to achieve the best marketing premise.

For example: the website is

diagnosis and SEO consultant of this forum, do marketing to promote the company’s business plan now, we selected the A5 Trading Forum, search forum, laggards forum, and then publish the content in the three forum, then the author will by all means to attract users, the author chooses create your own SEO QQ group, the activities of all the posts in the QQ group, let more people to participate in interactive communication, then Sina micro-blog to better, let others reproduced, so you can put together a popular.

second elements: detonated

then, the second element is detonated. Since people have, the following needs to detonate the user’s emotions, usually in the forum marketing, the tipping point are >

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