Beast riding 150 million B round of financing announced the sharing of bicycle

today, riding beast official said the company has been hunting cloud network, 150 million yuan B round of financing, investors did not disclose. The current round of financing is mainly used for the sharing of bicycles.

riding beast official said recently shared bicycle field news frequent, v-mobile cycling and ofo respectively in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen held a press conference, covering from childhood to the improved 3 upgrade products to say themselves, can only rely on the weak advocate open platform concept Bo eyeball dilemma, "the first big bike sharing Internet hot" facing all kinds of trend for all. This also makes people can not help but worry about the state of capital favored impetuous, who is really from the perspective of the user experience, do the best bike experience brand.

CEO Li Gang said that the "beast riding bike sharing is a great track, but has yet to improve the products and experience, into the shared bicycle will set up an independent brand Bluegogo (Chinese name blue bicycle) to fully explore the market, the recent series of actions will also have to participate in a shared bicycle race." You can imagine, with the new bluegogo brand will set off at the end of the intervention, sharing a donnybrook bicycle market, Blue Curacao war triggered at any moment.

Li Gang said, by virtue of the beast in the field of bicycle nearly two years of accumulation, bluegogo in the bicycle itself, the user experience and share the full guarantee will be the most important modules of intelligent networking on a bicycle, and these are precisely the product in the iteration and experience excellent Mobell and not "fate to find car ofo not have the advantage. To do the best user experience sharing bike, the beast is the only pursuit in this council. "We want to build a platform for users, a variety of experience than it is now filled with orange car a little bike, and happen to users think bluegogo is really hard to do, it is also very good, we have enough."

according to sources, bluegogo deposit of 99 yuan, the charging system for half an hour to $0.5. Relying on a strong capacity of its own factory and strategic cooperation partners in the supply chain from the blue bike to half a month in the fierce momentum of a city from the South began sweeping gradually completed its own layout, the layout of the city of Shenzhen as the first field test will ability with ofo and Mobell positive impact. But what can not catch up from behind, as a new bureau person that how to fight the battle, Li Gang also said in the papers, they do not rely on others, is a professional level made excellent products, for users to test.

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