After the search times 360 search can choose this attack strategy


will search service by China mainland to Hongkong from Google in March 2010, Baidu search monopoly advantage gradually increased, until in August 2012 360 the Qihoo 360 launched a comprehensive search, search the big watermelon finally have a heavyweight game player to participate in the competition. Sogou May 2013 heard rumors of the sale, then see in various analysis and prediction of the newspapers, until the Tencent in September 16, 2013 to $448 million strategic stake in Sogou, Sogou and soso integration of Tencent. On the strategic integration, the direct result is to operate independently of the search dogs, a solid place in the search field, can be from now on the three boss boss. Really save enough to compete for the search market, the big watermelon in fact, only 360 search, so the next personal ignorance, focusing on the comparison of the 360 search and Baidu, and will not discuss the depth of the mobile terminal.


event after the dust settles, we understand some of the basic situation of Qihoo 360 and Baidu.

first, look at 360 and Baidu in the search market share. According to the latest statistics released by the authority of the domestic traffic statistics agency CNZZ show that 360 search market share in November 2013 to a new high, reaching 22.14%, Baidu was $61.18%. Previously, the media had questioned the CNZZ released 360 search market share is not real, but according to the latest data report another authoritative American Data quest Inc comScore released at the end of November Chinese search market shows that in September 2013, 360 search market share reached 21.6%, Baidu 70.2%. Summary is the focus of the 360 market share of more than 20%, the market share has been steadily growing, but there is still a big gap with Baidu.

then, to understand the next 360 and Baidu to gain market share and the real situation behind. The basic identity before Analysys International View: in terms of the flow, 360 is the client for the search engine drainage, the ceiling is in front of the flow of products, this also means that the next 360 share of traffic can continue to grow, largely depends on the share of the browser.

from the browser to get the search traffic is basically relying on Navigation Home drainage. Baidu although not what achievements in the browser, but in the navigation home page is in the leading position, with Alexa and IP daily queries, and see the subsidiary site access ratio, page access ratio, per page views of two sites, we can see that the use of hao123 navigation home page is more than two times 360 navigation home page usage. Use the Alexa query usage of and, compared with two daily IP data, find the gap between the two is a few times, just ten million, and is four hundred million, the data is different from the general market.

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