Tengyun bath management software how to prevent the stop bath center cashier loophole


cashier and technician collusion, delete items, anti node documents… Not the advanced management tools, the boss think of the loopholes in management, these vulnerabilities are let the store staff to drill a hole in a flagrant way pocket money, the boss could not find evidence of miserable… Bath center cashier vulnerability It is often seen. let the boss can’t sleep, sleep, how in order to effectively control the


Jia Chi software technology director, said: in twenty-first Century, the information age, the use of information management software, can effectively prevent and eliminate the security issues such as cash registers. Jcipc software according to the practical experience, the bathing industry management over the years for bathing, sauna, foot bath, entertainment and other leisure places the actual demand, under the foot bath / Tengyun management software tailored for its flexible management, hand and rooms, and the rooms and service to realize automatic timing, billing, management and flexible way practical. At present, cloudraker bath management system has provided services to Jiafufuqiao, King on the 10000 foot bath center, market share proportion is very high.

for the cashier at the bath center boss loopholes worried, 100% ban bath Tengyun loopholes in the management software, has three functional advantages:

1, strict control of all personnel authority, prevent the competence of the staff is unknown or permission to leapfrog, caused by management loopholes. Permissions can be controlled to each operation button, so that the authority to do no dead.


employee rights management

2, single continuous only, and supports manual entry number, double correlation, a full range of eliminate vulnerabilities.



system with the manual number corresponding to the

number of billsThe accounting report changes

3, clear, let the financial personnel at a glance, effectively prevent cashier loopholes, eliminate money loss.


accounting transaction report

/ foot bath Tengyun software with cashier management, management, management, real clock technician membership management, warehouse management, technicians commission management system management function, software process is simple, clear, can effectively improve the working efficiency of enterprises, but also according to the bath center needs to develop two times adjustment, is favored by more and more

bath boss!

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