Web2 0 mark website promotion method

      online spread of the site to promote a lot of methods, but most are relatively old, still stay in the era of Internet web1.0. With the concept of Web2.0 and the application of popular support, the website should also be a way to promote metabolism. Charles according to their own website to optimize the actual experience, to sum up the following several Web2.0 logo website promotion method, create website promotion 2.

      large search engine optimization, such as Baidu, Google and Yahoo;

      BSP – free blog, such as WordPress and Sina blog; (message + Reprint)

      – professional personal / corporate blog (original, download, writing, text, word of mouth marketing)

      Feed, press the set RSS, such as FEEDSKY, Zhou Botong RSS (blog search);
      – network promotion, such as delicious, Baidu and 365key;

      Digg – class extension, such as Digg.com, diglog.com and


      information – Classification of websites, such as Craiglist, Kijiji, local classifieds site, online Yellow Pages information publishing;

      SNS – circle (Social Network), such as MySpace,

, and other fundamental network circle;

      Wiki – type writing, such as Wikipedia, Chinese wiki, Baidu encyclopedia;

      – Web chat room type, such as Twitter, Jaiku, or


      – personality website 43things series

      – quiz, such as Baidu, Yahoo Answer;

      – published a paper to the original value in the list, such as 360doc;

      – according to the search engine news source, such as DoNews, iresearc>

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