Fan network domain name to stop parsing or adult first

It is reported,

news February 21st, the well-known Web2.0 entertainment platform fans network ( in the afternoon of February 20th, the domain name is parsing, it is understood that this is the first new year’s holiday in 2010 may be stopped after the domain name resolution.


fans domain name was stopped parsing

Chinese renamed editor WHOIS domain name information that the domain name is clienHold, a fan site said in a statement, web domain name ( to stop parsing and pornographic information has nothing to do.

so far, the network is still not accessible.

is the following statement fan network full text:

1 fans network thanks to all the fans concerned about the network.

2 fans domain name domain name service provider is indeed resolved yesterday, but with pornography, reactionary speech, etc..

3 Fans retain the right to publish the report on the media’s legal rights. Hope you understand.

fan network

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