Huha network employees pay talks follow up goods shelves empty office

micro-blog users exposed Huha network’s office is located in Beijing has closed the door of

call ha network was black employees pay

            sina science and technology news on December 8th morning news, a few days ago was the staff of the black home to discuss the price of luxury electricity supplier website called ha, is facing the danger of closing. According to sources, Huha network’s office is located in Beijing has been deserted, and although the Huha network is black page restore access, but all the goods have been off the shelf.

NTA innovative communications agency founder Shen sound today at the micro-blog bid, Huha network has left office. "Business in the winter, a so-called Happy, a car company often stop at the door with a boss, a photo posted on the door of the company reports, finally did not have the last laugh. Yesterday, the company moved to the company, the automatic door closed today."

December 5th Huha network homepage was hacked, the hacker at home to hang out the big picture, black with red writing "Lian Tingkai, but also my hard-earned money!!", also called "Lian tingkai owe all employees insurance, housing provident fund for half a year, and wage arrears now not seen", signed "all the staff of WOOHA".

this pay event is seen as another example of the winter. The site to be black for second days and then returned to normal, the Huha network, the company also People are hurrying to and fro. There are aunt cleaning, but has long been no overtime. Ask: the boss is still in Beijing, is not appear. Things are still in the process, do not want to rent so fast." On the day of the visit Shen sound micro-blog said.

but in a few days, Huha network has been deserted. Sina science and technology found that although the call ha net home has returned to normal, but all the goods are in the shelf state can not be purchased, and customer service phone can not be connected. Earlier media reports said the call ha network has 90% employees leave, the company’s business is basically stagnant.

media Lian tingkai was informed that the matter from the company infighting: Board of directors in November 6th asked him to let in the current CEO Yan Jingyi, and chairman of the legal representative of the company and resigned from the post. The internal staff said received new CEO Yan Ching Yi sending mail to employees, and will be returned to Beijing in December 9th processing company".

call ha network was founded in 2006, is an early entrant in the field of luxury e-commerce. There are industry professionals pointed out that Huha network business development is not smooth and the relevant development strategies, with the market for example, mainly through the television media publicity, ignore the network marketing channels, "electronic commerce can’t attach importance to the network


currently does not have to call Kazakhstan official to comment on the matter. (Cui Xi)


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