nternet giant Gala Marketing War Mobile nternet and electricity supplier into a hot spot

[introduction] Tencent will connect the people living in the most common details, a micro film having a story, make the audience feel deeply affection, friendship, love, warmth, and "fingertips, without a heart" as the theme, the Tencent’s product concept deeply into the hearts of the people.


Tencent science and Technology Sun reported on February 10th

unconsciously, the Spring Festival Gala has been with us for 30 years. The essays of Zhao Benshan, Louis Liu’s magic show, seems to have become a necessary "the dinner on New Year’s Eve Chinese". Because of this, from another point of view, the Spring Festival Gala has become the main battlefield of the company’s annual marketing.

from the United States for many years the Spring Festival Gala countdown, "GREE air-conditioning I wish the people a happy new year, 2009 Baidu exclusive sponsor of the Spring Festival Gala," video Sohu energy-saving, technology companies, especially Internet companies have imprinted deeply into the spring.

but with the Spring Festival evening refused to implant advertising policy introduced, Internet Co want to appear in the more than 4 hours in front of hundreds of millions of viewers in the country, has become unreachable. Then, 30 minutes before the Spring Festival, has become the main battlefield of the new "Gala marketing war", and in the war this year, mobile Internet and electricity supplier companies to become the protagonist, Tencent, Jingdong, millet, Suning, Gome, 360, Jinshan cheetah enterprise collective attack, robbed the limelight.

Tencent push the big show WeChat let love clearer

Following the "

family papers", "brother", the Tencent launched the "love fingertips" series of advertisements in the Spring Festival evening primetime this year, and the flagship WeChat brand. Advertising in the continuation of "fingertips, based on the idea of no heart", the emotional appeal of Tencent brand from family and friendship extended to love, the film by a couple in love, marriage, emotional story, lead the discussion about "communication" for the importance of maintaining the relationship between husband and wife. "A step in the movie, love is more clear, people can not help but recall the sweet love of youth period, in stark contrast to the concrete jungle and urban reality, thinking the deep audience.

With the outbreak of the mobile Internet

scale, the number of Chinese mobile phone users increased year by year, WeChat users have exceeded 300 million, becoming one of the hottest mobile Internet applications. In this context, the Tencent’s high-profile publicity for WeChat, Tencent is an important part of the 2013 market strategy.

low-key millet for the first time the impact of the Spring Festival evening 360 at any cost to transfer negative news

compared with the domestic brands of OPPO, Gionee mobile phone, millet TV advertising in the past has been relatively low-key, but millet last year for the first time to participate in bidding, eventually won the snake spring festival lunar new year. I believe a lot of millet users received on February 7th that day

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