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    tea with two friends last week. Because they are in the business, the topic of natural chat to the cost of entrepreneurship. Three of us Qiazhiyisuan this two years of entrepreneurial spending, are not scared. A lot of money spent for no reason. Summed up the three most costly expenses. First, the initial time and cost to find the team. Second, can not find the direction, detours wasted time and money. Third, registration, rent, buy hardware, rent bandwidth etc. profiteers cheated money.
      is chatting here, a friend actively recommended a web site to me – entrepreneurial circles. This site from the site settings is entirely for entrepreneurs.

      the first section is "partners", this forum propaganda is: "find the resources complementary business partners" in this website will have users and the need for "resources" (resources include: project, technology, management and capital) listed. And the website also through the data mining method will be a user may need to venture resources to him. This service is in line with the characteristics of entrepreneurship, because the process of entrepreneurship is a process of integration of resources, to find complementary business partners can significantly reduce the cost of entrepreneurship.

      the second section is "consulting", this section is very clear expression of the concept: "through the experience of experts to help entrepreneurs less detours." I was worried that the experts are not willing to share the experience, but to see the case in this section of the forum, I understand: a consulting expert through their own experience to join the entrepreneurial team. This can be used for entrepreneurs with the wisdom and experience of the experts less detours, and experts can also gain practical benefits by sharing their own experience.

      the third section is the "service", the entrepreneur will be listed in the entrepreneurial process, many of the necessary costs are listed. For example: housing, registered company, buying servers, buy
      this site provides a very realistic demand solution. I think the site can be extended to extend the financing services will do this one, the whole chain is complete.

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